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How differs Honduras food

Everyone sure enjoys to eat, that is just something that we have to do to survive, but the taste receptors on our tongue make every bite a special journey. One does not need to explain how it works and what it looks like, because it is pretty much just like breading, something that we are born knowing. However, what we can and need to learn is to prepare and recognize a wide range of dishes, from Chinese noodles, over Italian pizza, all the way to Honduras' baleadas, which are a special meal from which the famous taco was invented.


What are the differences between meals?

The main thing and reason why people in Honduras love and enjoy to make food is the vast spectrum of fruit and vegetable products that are available on the market. Everything is somewhat more creative and full of taste, compared to other traditional and everyday meals. The specific thing is that breakfast is not the main meal of the day, but it is preferably lunch, or if you skip it, then dinner. It is when the family comes together and when you speak with your relatives or even neighbors because the community is very close.


Restaurants take the traditional part very seriously, and that is why you barely won't find any fancy dishes with the original names. The locals will help you a great deal to find the specific thing that you are looking for, even when it comes to a traditional dish or drink that you heard of from a friend who visited Honduras before. The sweets are also something you should taste since the sweet is sweeter than anywhere before. One more thing you should do is see whether someone would like to show you how to cook specific meals since some of them require quite a lot skill.

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