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Awesome Mexican dishes

One can find all kinds of foods, ingredients, sweets, and dishes all over the world. Asian cuisine is, for example, one of the most interesting ones right now, while Mexican food is also quite popular. Enchiladas are one of the best Mexican dishes, and they are prepared by almost every family at least once a week. It is entirely a traditional meal that can be found in hundreds of different variations, some even including fruits and tasting slightly sweet. Chicken with rice might be a global thing, prepared everywhere around the world, but if you add black beans to it, then it is for sure a Mexican dish.


Other traditional dishes

When it comes down to the popularity of Mexican food, the main reason for that is the creative diversity and possibility to make your original version, but still, maintain the core of the dish. Tortillas are one of those dishes that can be diversified in all possible ways; you can make them with chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, fish and all possible meet. Besides that, you can also do vegetarian versions or merely add whatever vegetable or fruit you would like.


Tacos are one of the most popular and praised dishes in Mexico, because of their easy preparation and, of course, still the possibility to put in whatever you want. This particular kind of freedom has made the Mexican lasagna one of the most popular dishes to come out of this food-loving country. Even though it is recognized all over the world, lasagna is not something the Mexicans have invented. We mentioned already that you could fill tacos with almost everything, well you can also fill almost everything with tacos. One especially popular case is filling a paprika with a taco filling, which is a much healthier version of the delicious dish.

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